Martijn Visser, MA

Martijn Visser is a researcher at the Centre for Science and Technology Studies (CWTS) of Leiden University in the Netherlands. For many years Martijn has been primarily engaged in contract research conducting numerous research evaluation studies. He has published on a variety of topic primarily concerning bibliometric methods. Recently he has started working on a PhD thesis regarding the limitations and opportunities of bibliometric data sources.



Journal publications (16)

Conference publications (4)

Book chapters (1)

  • Van Raan, A.F.J., Van Leeuwen, T.N., & Visser, M.S. (2001). Bibliometrics ? Monitoring emerging fields A bibliometric methodology for exploring interdisciplinary, 'unorthodox' fields of science. A case study of environmental medicine. In S. Maasen, & M. Winterhager (Eds.), Science Studies. Probing the Dynamics of Scientific Knowledge (pp. 87-122).

Researcher, PhD Candidate

T: +31 71 527 3976


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