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Thomas Franssen

I'm a senior researcher at the Centre for Science and Technology Studies (CWTS), Leiden University and a member of the Science and Evaluation Studies group led by Sarah de Rijcke. I have a background in the sociology of culture but migrated to science and technology studies and sociology of science after my PhD (University of Amsterdam, 2015).

My work is inspired by valuation studies, science and technology studies and the sociology of science. I am interested in what is deemed valuable by different actors in the science system. My main concern is how particular notions of ‘good’ science, sometimes institutionalized in valuation regimes that include research funding arrangements, shape research practices.

Because my work is usually comparative, I am also interested in the epistemic differences between different domains of science (again including the humanities) and the application of bibliometric methods to study these differences. Because many valuation practices in the science system rely on quantification and metrics I also have an interest in the field of scientometrics as object of study. In particular how it engages with metrics in/for the humanities and social sciences.

For pdfs of publications see www.thomasfranssen.net.



Journal publications (12)

  • Franssen, T., & De Wilde, M. (2021). A clean energy future isn't set in stone. Nature Geoscience, 14(9), 636-637. (paper)
  • Scholten, W., Franssen, T., van Drooge, L., De Rijcke, S., & Hessels, L.K. (2021). Funding for few, anticipation among all: effects of excellence funding on academic research groups. Science and Public Policy, 48(2), 265-275. (paper)
  • Costas, R., Mongeon, P., Ferreira, M.R., Van Honk, J., & Franssen, T. (2020). Large-scale identification and characterization of scholars on Twitter. Quantitative Science Studies, 1(2), 771-791. (paper)
  • Colavizza, G., Franssen, T., & Van Leeuwen, T.N. (2019). An empirical investigation of the Tribes and their Territories: are research specialisms rural and urban? Journal of Informetrics, 13(1), 105-117. (paper)
  • Franssen, T., & Wouters, P. (2019). Science and its significant other: representing the humanities in bibliometric scholarship. Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology, 70(10), 1124-1137. (paper)
  • Hessels, L.K., Franssen, T., Scholten, W., & De Rijcke, S. (2019). Variation in Valuation: How Research Groups Accumulate Credibility in Four Epistemic Cultures. Minerva, 57(2), 127-149. (paper)
  • Rushforth, A.D., Franssen, T., & De Rijcke, S. (2019). Portfolios of Worth. Capitalizing on Basic and Clinical Problems in Biomedical Research Groups. Science, Technology, & Human Values, 44(2), 209-236. (paper)
  • Costas, R., & Franssen, T. (2018). Reflections around 'the cautionary use' of the h-index: response to Teixeira da Silva and Dobránszki. Scientometrics, 115(2), 1125-1130. (paper)
  • Degn, L., Franssen, T., Sørensen, M.P., & De Rijcke, S. (2018). Research groups as communities of practice – a case study of four high-performing research groups. Higher Education, 76(2), 231-246. (paper)
  • Franssen, T., Scholten, W., Hessels, L.K., & De Rijcke, S. (2018). The Drawbacks of Project Funding for Epistemic Innovation: Comparing Institutional Affordances and Constraints of Different Types of Research Funding. Minerva, 56(1), 11-33. (paper)
  • De Rijcke, S., Wouters, P., Rushforth, A.D., Franssen, T., & Hammarfelt, B.M.S. (2016). Evaluation practices and effects of indicator use - A literature review. Research Evaluation, 25(2), 161-169. (paper)
  • De Wilde, M., & Franssen, T. (2016). The material practices of quantification: Measuring ‘deprivation’ in the Amsterdam Neighbourhood Policy. Critical Social Policy, 36(4), 489-510. (paper)

Conference publications (1)

Book chapters (1)

  • Franssen, T., & De Rijcke, S. (2019). The rise of project funding and its effects on the social structure of academia. In F. Cannizzo, & N. Osbaldiston (Eds.), The Social Structures of Global Academia (pp. 144-161). Routledge. (paper)
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