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Thomas Franssen

I’m a researcher in the SES-group broadly interested in the relation between funding, evaluation practices and epistemic properties of research. Together with Sarah de Rijcke I studied the rise of ‘excellent’ research groups. Due to the shift towards competitive and performance-based funding we see that research funding becomes concentrated within a limited number of research groups. Together with Laurens Hessels and Wout Scholten we are analyzing the increasing importance of competitive funding, and the ways in which funding arrangements influence epistemic properties of research.

With Paul Wouters I am working on the history of the use of bibliometrics in the humanities. With Vincent Traag I work on the qualitative-quantitative divide in sociology (see this blogpost). I am developing a research project that focuses on the diversity of valuation devices in the humanities and the different ways in which they make valuable (and visible) particular humanistic research practices (and traditions).



Journal publications (6)

  • Rushforth, A.D., Franssen, T., & De Rijcke, S. (2018). Portfolios of Worth. Capitalizing on Basic and Clinical Problems in Biomedical Research Groups. Science, Technology, & Human Values. doi:10.1177/0162243918786431 (paper)
  • Costas, R., & Franssen, T. (2018). Reflections around 'the cautionary use' of the h-index: response to Teixeira da Silva and Dobránszki. Scientometrics, 115(2), 1125-1130. (paper)
  • Degn, L., Franssen, T., Sřrensen, M.P., & De Rijcke, S. (2018). Research groups as communities of practice ? a case study of four high performing research groups. Higher Education, 76(2), 231-246. doi:10.1007/s10734-017-0205-2 (paper)
  • Franssen, T., Scholten, W., Hessels, L.K., & De Rijcke, S. (2018). The Drawbacks of Project Funding for Epistemic Innovation: Comparing Institutional Affordances and Constraints of Different Types of Research Funding. Minerva, 56(1), 11-33. doi:10.1007/s11024-017-9338-9 (paper)
  • De Rijcke, S., Wouters, P., Rushforth, A.D., Franssen, T., & Hammarfelt, B.M.S. (2016). Evaluation practices and effects of indicator use - A literature review. Research Evaluation, 25(2), 161-169. (paper)
  • De Wilde, M., & Franssen, T. (2016). The material practices of quantification: Measuring ?deprivation? in the Amsterdam Neighbourhood Policy. Critical Social Policy, 36(4), 489-510. doi:10.1177/0261018316637138 (paper)

Conference publications (1)


T: +31 71 527 7442

E: t.p.franssen@fsw.leidenuniv.nl

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