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Responsible Evaluation

The Responsible Evaluation thematic hub is one of the four research hubs at CWTS. This thematic hub is led by Ludo Waltman and Sarah de Rijcke.


Responsible Evaluation is a thematic hub in which CWTS brings together its expertise in the responsible use of peer review and scientometric indicators to evaluate scholarly research. The hub provides a basis for public discussion, education, and advise about responsible evaluation, targeted in particular at academic leaders, research managers, science policy makers, funding agencies, and publishers.

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Areas of interest

Important areas of interest for the Responsible Evaluation thematic hub include:

  • Further elaboration of good practices for responsible evaluation, as formulated for instance in the Leiden Manifesto;
  • Development of good practices for responsible evaluation in specific contexts, such as individual researcher assessment, university ranking, journal evaluation, and funding allocation;
  • Elaboration and implementation of recently proposed approaches for responsible evaluation, such as the evaluative inquiry and contextualized scientometrics;
  • Contributing to initiatives aimed at promoting responsible evaluation practices;
  • Development of courses on responsible evaluation, such as the CWTS course Responsible Metrics for Research Evaluation;
  • Providing policy reports and advice on responsible evaluation.
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